Types of CBD Products – Their effects & delivery methods

January 27, 2021 By nigel@jnbotanics.com 3
CBD Edibles Sweets and gums

Edibles – Food products infused with CBD.

E-Liquid / E-Juice – CBD infusing vaping liquid.

Flower – CBD in it’s most raw form. Can be smoking, vaporizing or used in cooking/tea infusions.

Gummies – Gummy sweets infused with CBD.

Hemp Oil / Hempseed Oil – Hempseed oil is not CBD oil. It is made solely from hemp seeds which contain little to no CBD. CBD Oil is made from the leaves, flowers and stalks which are rich in CBD.

Oil Soluble – Capable of dissolving in fats, oils, or fatty tissues.

Pills / Capsules – Compressed, exact dosage, powdered CBD with fillers and binders in tablet form or contained loose in a dissoluble shell.

Tinctures / Oil / Drops – CBD in oil form. Meant to be taken sublingually.

Topicals – CBD infused lotion, balm, salve, cream, bath bomb, serum or soap. Meant to be applied to the skin.

Water Soluble – Capable of dissolving in water.