Linalool: Lazy Lavender

January 27, 2021 By 0
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Linalool is most commonly linked with lavender, but it is also a major terpene in many different cannabis cultivars. As you might expect from a lavender-based terpene, it tends to give off a floral scent. Surprisingly, though, it tends to promote a hint of spice.

Linalool is thought to reduce stress and could be the primary source of lavender’s stress-relieving properties as well. In addition, it is thought to serve as an terpene that supports the immune system.* Finally, linalool could promote more restful sleep during occasional periods of sleeplessness.

  • Scent: floral with a hint of spice and lavender
  • Benefits: mood enhancement, anti-microbial, immune system support, stress reducer

Fun Facts: also found in lavender

Another terpene well known for its sedating effects is linalool. Unsurprisingly, this floral terpene is most often associated with the herb lavender. Even if you don’t know much about herbs, you might’ve heard about using lavender essential oil as a natural sleep aid. Well, the same applies to hemp strains with high amounts of linalool.

In addition to helping people get a good night’s sleep, recent studies suggest linalool could be used as a potent mood booster. One study out of the University of Tokyo found that linalool significantly decreased stress levels in lab rats exposed to stressors. If this is true, linalool could be implemented as an anxiolytic agent.

The established boiling point for linalool is 388°F.