Humulene: An Anti-Everything (In A Good Way)

January 27, 2021 By 1
Humulene CBD Terpene beer

Beer drinkers are likely already familiar with humulene, as it is highly concentrated in the hops used during the brewing process. Hops contain between 20% and 50% humulene, but it is commonly found in strains of cannabis as well.

As you might expect, humulene offers a hoppy aroma that could be described as earthy and woody. In addition to hops and cannabis, humulene is also found in coriander, cloves, and basil.

  • Scent: woody and earthy with hints of hops

Fun Facts: also found in hops, coriander, cloves and basil

Beer lovers will have no trouble identifying the smell of cannabis strains with high concentrations of humulene. This malty terpene is found in hops flowers, which are an essential component in brewing everyone’s favorite frothy beverage. Besides hops, humulene is also present in slightly citrusy herbs like coriander.

Studies have revealed humulene also has strong antibacterial, anti-fungal, antioxidant, andanti-inflammatory properties. For these reasons, many are hopeful that this terpene could soon be used as an adjunct to autoimmune treatments, although it has yet to be approved for any form of medicinal use in the United States.

At 222°F, humulene has a relatively low boiling point compared with other terpenes on this list.